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Right-Handed 60° Lob Wedge (Gold)

"I love Gooooooollld!" - Mike Myers as Goldmember in the classic comedy film Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) 

"I love the Lucky Gold Lob Wedge!" - You, the near future. 

This wedge is a statement maker. Whether you are out on the course or chippin' and sippin' during a game of Chippo in your backyard, this high-quality wedge from our friends over at Lucky will make you look good/play good. What else really matters? 

Product Specifications:
  • Material:  1020 Forged Soft Carbon Steel
  • CNC Milled Face
  • Loft:  60 degrees
  • Lie:  63 degrees
  • Bounce: 10 degrees
  • Finished Weight:  300 grams
  • Stock Shaft:  35" Regular Flex
  • Color: Goooolllllddd