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About us

Let's face it. There are two things that washed up athletes love more than anything else in this world.  And those two things are golf and backyard games. Here’s another fact: a recent study - which was done using science - found that washed up athletes make up 98% of the world's population.

So, Brendan and Matt (two supremely washed up athletes and the co-founders of Chippo Golf LLC) decided to invent a game that combines the two things that 98% of the population love more than anything else in the world. That's how Chippo was born. You're welcome.

Both avid golfers, both intensely competitive backyard gamers, and both incredibly bad at both golf and backyard games, Brendan and Matt had grown accustomed to failure and loss. But when the idea for Chippo popped into Brendan's head one night, he immediately ran around telling everyone and anyone about his amazing new idea. His friend and future brother-in-law Matt actually listened. 

Now Matt, as previously mentioned, was also a lifelong loser (especially at gambling) and fully intended on stealing the idea and selling it to cover his gambling debts. But, instead these two men, realizing the potential merits of teamwork - and also the fact that even when combined they barely made up one competent human - eventually decided to work together to bring Chippo to the masses. Could Chippo be their shot at redemption? 

Only time will tell. Thanks for playing Chippo.


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