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Chippo Sacks

Introducing Chippo Sacks!

Here's a wild fact: not everyone loves golf 🤯

Chippo Sacks is our latest creation that lets everyone (even those non-golfers in your life) join in on the fun! Now, your Chippo set is a combo of golf and cornhole AND also a legendary toss game - talk about versatility! 

The texture and density of the Chippo Sacks create super fun bounces, rolls, and sometimes sticks on Chippo's turf surface...kinda like golf but also kinda like cornhole but also kinda like a weird version of basketball but also its own unique thing. Score your Chippo Sacks tosses just like you would score a Chippo game.

Kids, friends, family, grandmas, uncles, pets...anyone can play Chippo Sacks. Compete golf vs. Sacks or Sacks vs. Sacks. The possibilities are endless!

  • 6 Chippo Sacks (3 Green & 3 Gray)
  • Chippo Sacks Sack (Carry Bag)
  • Chippo Sacks Material: Synthetic Suede; Plastic and Foam Beads