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Chippo Hippo "Hank" Headcover w/ Bottle Opener

Limited Edition Chippo Hippo Headcover by Daphne's w/ Bottle Opener Earring

If you thought combining cornhole and golf was cool...how about a headcover that's also a bottle opener? A bottle opener that's also an earring? A headcover thats also a Hippo...thats also a puppet? That's also the Chief Puppet Officer of Chippo Golf? That could also potentially be your new best friend?

Here at Chippo Golf, we combine cool stuff to make even cooler stuff. It's what we do. There are also only 100 of these in existence, Daphne's (the world's number one maker of animal headcovers) discontinued making Hippo headcovers years ago and we now own almost all of them. Some might call this incredible creature an endangered species. You can adopt this furry little fella for only $40 and be one of the only people on the planet lucky enough to have the highly sought after Chippo Hippo Headcover w/ Bottle Opener Earring.