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How to Play Chippo

Like all great and beautiful things, playing Chippo is pretty simple: 
Step One: Set up the boards as depicted below.
Step Two: Find three friends (or highly skilled pets) and start chipping!

Gameplay is reminiscent of cornhole, washers or horseshoes, but with some cool new twists. Flip a coin to start, winners go first from there on out. You take three shots in a row at the target board and tally your total score like-a-this:

1 point: Just hit the board on a fly.
3 points: Drain your shot in the larger center hole. 
5 points: Send the ball to its home in either top corner hole. 
2x points: If you're a surgeon with a sixty degree wedge, bounce your shot off the chipping mat for double (2, 6 or 10) points. Promptly yell "Mashed Potatoes!" 

Your opponent standing next to you goes next. The player with the highest total score wins that “hole” for his/her team. The players on the other side then battle it out for "hole" #2, and so on. Play an 18 “hole” match. Settle ties with a sudden death playoff - intense! You can drink beer, heckle your friends and gamble while doing this. Life is good. Keep in mind, these are the standard Chippo Match Play Rules but, like golf, there are many different ways to keep score while playing Chippo such as Stroke Play and Nassau.

Chippo is easy enough for non-golfers, and pros can move the boards back for a more challenging game.


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