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Chippo X Birdicorn 6-in-1 Divot Tool + Ball Marker

The Chippo x Birdicorn Divot Tool + Golf Ball Marker can literally do it all. We teamed up with our pals over at Birdicorn to create this incredible device. Here is a list of some of the things this tool can do on and off the course: 

  • Fix ball marks
  • Open bottles + cans
  • Draw a line on your golf ball
  • Practice your putting alignment 
  • Keep your grips dry
  • Magnetically hold your Chippo Ball Marker (included) 
  • Grill Porterhouse Steak for Two*
  • Create world peace* 
  • Make you a better and more attractive person* 
  • Several hundred other things*

This thing is awesome and you should buy it. How is that for website copy? 

*Not yet proven by science.