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Topgolf x Chippo Set

Topgolf x Chippo: The Glorious Lovechild of Golf and Cornhole - Now Partnered with Topgolf!

For years, people have referred to Chippo as the analog, portable version of Topgolf. But now, Chippo and Topgolf have joined forces to bring you this mash-up to end all mash-ups! Topgolf is one of the best ways to enjoy golf and a cold beverage off of the course...Chippo is even further off-course. In fact, we are about as off-course as you can get. Thanks to the big-brained folks at Topgolf and Chippo, now you can enjoy both of us literally anywhere! Chippo and Topgolf...a match made in off-course golf heaven. 

Topgolf x Chippo includes:

  • 2x turf-covered, netted, Officially Licensed Topgolf x Chippo boards
  • 2x turf & rubber chipping mats
  • 6x high-density foam balls
  • Please allow up to 5 business days for Topgolf x Chippo sets to ship

*Free Shipping Anywhere in the USA!

*Shipping to Canada for $20!