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Replacement Chippo Mat

Hi. I'm Mat. Chippo Mat. 

Do you play Chippo so much that you wore through your Chippo mats? Or maybe your buddy had one too many adult beverages and demolished the thing? The good news is that 1.) You can choose your friends and 2.) You can pick up a replacement mat right here. Chippo mats are made from a recycled rubber base and artificial turf surface so you can "Chip it and Sip it" anywhere your heart desires. They also fit (like a glove!) into the storage compartment that we built into the underside of each Chippo board. As a heads up, recycled rubber gives off a distinct rubbery smell that will dissipate with time and use. As such, we suggest storing Chippo mats outside for a fews days when you first get them to let them air out. Unless you like that smell. In which case, you could melt them down and make your very own special brand of cologne.

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