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The Ultimate Chippo Bundle

The Glorious Lovechild of Golf and Cornhole

Welcome to the Bundle! This here bundle is the Bundle to End All Bundles. The Al Bundle, if you will. The Bundle in the Jungle. If you roll up to the club reppin' #ChippoNation with this bundle, consisting of 1.) A full Chippo Set; 2.) The Chippo Travel Satchel; 3.) A 60° Lob Wedge from Lucky Golf; 4.) A 3-pack of Chippo can coolers, AND 5.) An extra 12-pack of Chippo Balls... you are 100% stone-cold money back guaranteed to be the life of the party.* AND! We're providing a DISCOUNT for purchasing all of this sweet, sweet goodness together at once. To reiterate, in case you are still in disbelief, get it together because you are about to order:

  • Full Chippo Set.  Includes 2x Chippo Boards, 2x Chippo chipping mats, and 6x high-density foam Chippo balls.   
  • The Chippo Travel Satchel.  Custom Chippo-branded carry case for your new favorite game. Made of durable nylon polyester. Features a shoulder strap, suitcase-style handle, velcro loops to hold your wedges, and enough room for all your extra balls.
  • 60° Lob Wedge by Lucky Golf. Whether you are out on the course or chippin' and sippin' during a game of Chippo in your backyard, this high-quality wedge from our friends over at Lucky will make you look good/play good.
  • 12 extra balls.  For when your dog eats some, or when your buddy launches one into your neighbor's yard, and your neighbor is James Earl Jones, and he has a huge dog named The Beast, and you're too scared to climb the fence and get the ball, and you realize you're living in The Sandlot. 
  • 3 Chip It and Sip It can coolers. To keep your frosty beverages... ya know... frosty.

You're a boss. You know it. We know it. Now go out there and tell the world. Actually, you won't need to tell the world. They'll know because you'll be walking around with your Chippo Bundle.

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