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The 'Actual Golf' Bundle

Pledge your allegiance to Chippo Nation with the 'Actual Golf' bundle. All the essentials for hacking your way through the golf course while enjoying some cold ones with your group. The 'Actual Golf' Bundle includes:

  • 1x Birdicorn 6-in-1 Tool & 1x 'Hank' Ball Marker Set The swiss army knife of your golf bag. Fix ball marks, hold a cigar, mark your ball, open a cold one... you name it this thing does it.
  • 1x Kanga Kasemate Speaking of cold ones. These bad boys keep your 12-packs cold with no ice needed. Need we say more?
  • 3x Chip It & Sip It Koozies What happens when I take a cold one out of its home?! Koozie that can or bottle to prolong that crispy cold deliciousness.
  • 1x Tee-Pick 3-Pack Hungry? Why wait? Chew on these fruit-flavored, tee-shaped picks to hold you over until your glizzy at the turn.
  • 1x Hank the Hippo Headcover Always use protection when using your hammer stick (Driver). And what better protection than a Hippo that covers your club while acting as an on-course therapist you can talk to after losing your last ball before the turn.